Best Baby Carrier – Finding the Right Fit for You and Baby

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best baby carrier reviewsBest baby carriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different size babies and parents alike.  The style of baby carrier you choose will depend upon what feels comfortable for both you and baby.  Other factors in choosing a baby carrier are the baby’s age, how long you want to carrier to be in use and the manner in which you plan to use it. Here’s the Babybou’s guide that will help you take the right decision.

How To Choose the Best Baby Carrier

It is recommended to try on several styles of baby carriers before purchasing one, preferably with baby too.  If more than one caregiver will be using it you will want that person to try them on too.  Some things you will want to consider when choosing a baby carrier are:

  • The age of the baby. Some carriers only hold infants while others cannot be used until the baby is at least four months old.  Keep in mind how long you will want to carry your baby and the many uses you will need the carrier for.
  • Single shoulder or double shoulder straps. There are slings that fit on one shoulder and backpack style carriers that fit on two shoulders.  You will need to decide which style would be more comfortable for you.
  • Some carriers hold baby in only one position while others can transform to fit baby in several different positions.  Think about what positions will be more comfortable for you and baby.
  • How long do you want to use this carrier?  Some carriers hold babies from infant to four years old while others can only be used for a few months.  Consider how long you want to carry baby in it or if you are willing to purchase another carrier later on.
  • Is it washable? Check to make sure you can wash the carrier or spot clean it.  Babies and toddlers are messy and you will want to be able to wipe up stains.
  • Baby carriers can start as little as $20 and go up to over $200.  Generally, the longer you can use the carrier, the more it will cost.  Consider the price compared to the term of use.  A carrier you can use for up to four years may be worth the higher price while purchasing two less-expensive carriers as baby grows may be more cost-efficient.

Best Baby Carrier – Types to Consider

best baby carrier reviews 2Once you have considered the features you want in a carrier you will have to try on the different styles to see which one feels best for you.  Below are descriptions of some of the most popular baby carriers available.

Asian-Style Carriers

These carriers can be worn with baby on your back, front or on the hip.  They are a rectangular piece of cloth with long strips of fabric attached to each corner.  The bottom straps are tied around your waist and the upper straps go over your shoulders, crisscross in back and come around to tie under baby.  While these are wonderful for younger babies, older children find them too restrictive.  Asian-style carriers come in all types of fabric and come in padded or unpadded varieties.  The cost for these carriers is $50 to $100.

Front-Pack Carriers

Front-pack carriers tend to be the most comfortable for both women and men alike.  They have padded straps that adjust easily to all sizes and baby is held in front either facing toward the parent or facing out.  Some front-pack carriers can also be converted to be used as backpacks.  These carriers can be bulky and don’t store well in diaper bags or suitcases. They work well for infants up to 25 pounds and cost from $20 to $60.

Backpack Carriers

Backpack carriers are great for the active parent who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking or for long days of shopping.  They have sturdy metal frames and many include extra features such as padded seats, padded straps, a sun/rain roof and several pockets to stash away everything baby needs.  Most have attached stands so you can set the backpack down.  While convenient for taking baby on long excursions these carriers can be difficult if you take baby in or out several times during the outing.  These carriers are also bulky and can be hard to store.  Backpack carriers are generally for babies 4 months to 4 years old although some do have inserts you can purchase separately for newborns.  Cost is between $50 and $200. 


Wraps are made in a variety of fabrics and can be tied in many ways for the maximum comfort of baby and parent alike.  Wraps are a long, wide piece of fabric that you can pre-tie before placing baby in or tie on around baby.  They can be worn on two shoulders or one and baby can be carried in front, on your hip or on your back.  Wraps are very versatile so they can fit more than one caregiver.  They are perfect for newborns to age 4 and store easily in a diaper bag or suitcase.  Depending upon the fabric you choose, wraps cost anywhere from $35 to $150.


Slings come in many styles and fabrics and there are also padded and unpadded styles.  The two most popular slings are the basic sling and ring slings.

  • Basic Sling – This style of sling wraps over one shoulder and carries baby like a hammock in the front.  Babies love these because they feel snug and protected as if back in the womb.  As the baby grows older baby can sit in the sling on your hip with his legs hanging out.  These are good for infants and babies up to 35 pounds and can cost between $30 and $70 depending upon the fabric you choose.
  • best baby carrier reviews 3Ring Sling – Ring slings are a long, wide strip of material that is adjusted through metal rings at the shoulder.  There is a long piece of leftover fabric that can be used as a protective cover for baby or for nursing.  The fabric is adjusted to hold baby in front, back, or on the hip.  Because of it’s versatility it is easy to use if there are several caregivers.  It also adjusts to carry babies from infant up to 40 pounds.  Ring slings can be difficult to learn to wear properly but are well worth the trouble.  Depending upon the fabric, ring slings cost between $30 and $70.

EuroTote Cradle Carrier

New on the baby carrier market is the EuroTote Cradle Carrier for babies from birth to 3 years old.  The Eurotote looks like a baby duffle bag and fits snuggly around baby with straps and ties to keep baby safe.  There is also a removable carrying board that supports baby’s head, neck and back while being carried.  Two sturdy straps allow you to carry baby on your shoulder or in your hand.  The best part of the Eurotote is that it fits in most standard strollers and car seats so you can place baby in and out of these without disturbing him.  It comes with two water-resistant covers, one for winter and one for summer, and is made of cotton flannel for the utmost comfort.  This carrier retails for $119.

Choosing the right baby carrier depends upon your own personal taste and comfort.  It is best to try on many before you decide so you are sure to find the carrier that comfortably fits both you and your baby.

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