A Comprehensive Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

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baby proofing living roomIf you’re expecting to become the parent of a newborn child, then you need to be ready. The world is a dangerous place for a baby, even when it is at home, and it is your responsibility to keep your baby safe. Your house can be an obstacle course full of peril to a baby, so make sure that you baby proof every room in your home using the following tips. 

Baby Proofing the Nursery

You would be surprised at the amount of ways a baby can find to hurt itself. Just because you keep the baby in a crib, does not mean it is necessarily safe.

  • The slats in the crib should be close together. If they are too far apart, your baby could accidentally get its head caught in between.
  • Don’t place the crib near the window. The baby could accidentally get caught in the blind cords.
  • You should also keep the crib away from any shelves. Once your baby learns how to stand, it could accidentally bump into the shelves, knocking whatever sits on top off.
  • Don’t use soft bedding or pillows, as your baby could accidentally suffocate.
  • Make sure that your changing table has guard rails to keep your baby from falling off.

Baby Proofing the Living Room

babyproofing houseYou have to be really careful when letting your baby loose in your living room. There are a number of ways that a baby could hurt itself, so in addition to baby proofing the area, you should always be present with your baby to keep an eye on it.

  • Any chords that are hanging down from your window should be tied up out of reach to prevent choking hazards.
  • There are usually a lot of electrical outlets around the living room. Any which are not being used should be stopped up with safety plugs.
  • Make sure that any electrical chords or wires, such as the ones coming from your TV or any lamps, are taped or tied down.
  • Keep chairs pushed under the table so that your baby doesn’t attempt to climb on them.
  • Try to keep furniture with sharp edges away from the area where your baby is. For edges like on a coffee table, uses corner guards.
  • Always make sure there’s nothing on the floor before you allow your baby to crawl by itself in the living room. Pick up any coins, paperclips or other small items that act as choking hazards.
  • Secure your bookshelves and furniture using L-brackets to keep your baby from accidentally pulling them down.
  • You should place stickers on any glass sliding doors to keep your baby from bumping into them.
  • Keep anything breakable off of the floor. This includes anything such as lamps or house plants. You should move fragile items from lower shelves to the top shelves as well.

Baby Proofing the Bathroom

Under no circumstances should your baby be left unattended in a bathroom. However, even if you are present, a baby can still find ways to put its own life in danger.

  • baby proofing bathroomBabies love putting things into their mouths. So make sure that if you are giving your baby a bath, you don’t have things such as bar soap or hand soap lying nearby. The same goes for toilet paper and paper towels, which will quickly get knocked into the water.
  • Move all of your medicines off the sink counter and onto the top shelf of your medicine cabinet. You should really attach locks or latches to all the drawers in the bathroom as well.
  • Attach a toilet lock to your toilet to keep your baby from hurting itself on the lid.
  • Get a spout cover for the bathtub so that your baby doesn’t bump its head.
  • Place a non-slip bath mat at the bottom of the tub.
  • Turn the temperature of the water heater down to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the water from accidentally burning your baby.
  • Keep all of your electrical appliances, such as your hairdryer, unplugged and stored away if you are not using them.

Baby Proofing the Kitchen

baby proofing a kitchenThe baby should be in the kitchen very little. The only time it should probably be there is when you are feeding it. There are all kinds of things that could go wrong, so be very careful when you are in the kitchen with the baby.

  • When using the stove, make sure that all pots and pans are turned so that the handles face inwards.
  • Try to use the back burners when possible to keep your baby from burning itself on the front burners.
  • Use appliance locks on all the drawers in your kitchen, dishwasher, stove and fridge.
  • Use cabinet locks on the drawers.
  • Keep your trash in a locked cabinet or in a bin with a lockable lid.
  • Keep any plastic bags or trash bags away from your baby at all times.
  • Never leave any cleaning products out, always put them away immediately after use.

Baby Proofing Stairways

Stairs are incredibly dangerous. This means keep your baby off of them if possible.

  • Deny access to the stairs by putting up baby gates at the top and bottom.
  • Think about putting carpeting over the stairs in case your baby somehow gets on them. This way, the carpeting will soften any possible falls.

These are a handful of tips to help keep your baby safe in your own home. But remember, no amount of baby proofing beats good parenting. Always keep your eye on your baby, and use both your common sense and parental instinct when it comes to keeping it safe.

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