5 Uncommon Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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best baby shower gift ideasA baby shower is a fun, lighthearted celebration with silly “guess her waist circumference” games and pastel painted treats. However, for the gift giver, the real fun lies in picking the most interesting and functional gift. Anyone can give a stroller or an outfit that elicits an “Awe!” On the other hand, the gift that prompts discussion and later proves its usefulness is the gift that outshines the rest.

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Here are five useful and somewhat uncommon gift ideas for your next baby shower gathering.


Mothers-to-be know that their schedule will change drastically after the birth of their newborn. Life will soon consist of feedings, diaper changes, and nap times. New moms may find the schedule surprisingly difficult amidst extreme exhaustion. A baby timer, such as the Itzbeen by Coast Innovations, will provide a new mother with multiple counters to know how long it’s been since the last diaper change, feeding, nap, or miscellaneous task. In addition, the counter provides an alarm feature and night light.


In his book The Happiest Baby, Dr. Harvey Karp describes the newborn stage as a “fourth trimester.” He explains that the 0-3 month old infant still craves to be in the womb. To facilitate a newborn’s transition, parents should strive to recreate a womb-like environment for their young infant. Sound is a key factor. In the womb, the sound of rushing blood, which sounds like white noise or ocean waves, lulls a baby to sleep. In the same way, a baby sound machine can mimic that environment, effectively lulling a fussy baby to sleep.


Every new mom receives some kind of nursing cover. While these blanket covers provide privacy, moms still struggle to get around normal, everyday clothing. A nursing shirt, however, has helpful snaps and panels that provide easy nursing access while keeping a mom stylish and free from extra fabric. Gap and Old Navy, for example, sell nursing shirts with crossed panels over the bust. These tailored designs provide all-around coverage and easy access for a comfortable nursing session.


A new mom will become best friends with her infant car seat because it serves as a multipurpose seat, carrier, and sleeper. However, most car seats have limited sun shades, and moms must depend on car window coverings or stroller shades to shield their infants from the sun’s rays.

You can delight a new mom with a canopy car seat cover, such as the Cabana by UPPAbaby. These canopy covers stay in place as you move the seat from the car, to the stroller, to the indoors. Some covers also offer sun protection.


“Babywearing” is a historic, multicultural tradition. In recent years, it has grown in popularity due to the influence of attachment parenting methods. Not only does a baby bond with her mother while carried in a comfy, nestled position, but a mother also saves her spine from the stress of unbalanced carrying. Some of the top brands of carriers include the Baby Bjorn and the Ergo Baby Carrier.

Yet many mothers find that, while these are great products, the straps and buckles make wearing your baby cumbersome. An alternate option is a strapless hip carrier such as the Hippychick Hipseat or the Baby Nari Hip Hugger. These work as a simple side shelf to your hip, allowing your core to absorb the weight of your child while you simply hug your infant to your waist.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: The Bottom Line

As Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday News says, “Babies are always more trouble than you thought, and more wonderful.” Essentially, the baby shower is a reminder that a tiny, adorable creature is about to transform her mother’s world. New moms will appreciate a unique baby shower gift that assists and empowers her as she begins the challenging journey of parenting.

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